What are the best apps for older people?

Whether you are reviewing and setting your annual sales and marketing plan, or if you.

Whether you are reviewing and setting your annual sales and marketing plan, or if you.

Whether you are reviewing and setting your annual sales and marketing plan, or if you.

What are the best apps for older people?

Monday, March 25, 2019

You might think that apps are only for the younger generation, but think again! There are so many apps out there, which can make a genuine difference to the quality of older people’s lives...and yours as a carer.

Here are our top picks:

Medical and Mobility Apps

1. Dementia Clock Face Test/ iPhone and iPad/Free: This app is a cognitive test to evaluate for dementia. Users are asked to drag numbers to the appropriate place on the clock and the app assesses their performance.

2. Dementia Communication Tool/ iPhone/Free: This app has over 500 pictures, plus you can download your own personal ones, to help someone with dementia to communicate more easily, as well as allowing for reminiscence exercises, memory prompts and other mental exercises

3. Pocket Physio/Free: This app has so many useful exercises for people recovering from hip, knee, foot and hand surgeries, as well as good advice on managing pain, taking precautions, breathing exercises, dressing wounds and general mobility.

5. Dealing with depression: Geriatric Depression Scale/Free: Asks recipients 15 questions and gives an analysis of their possible depression from the results

6. Blood Pressure iBP /£0.99: Needs a separate monitor, butwill track and analyse blood pressure measurements over time

7. Pill Reminder Pro/99p: Once you enter the name of the pill, how many to take and when, the app will remind your parent to take the right pills at the right time with a message, or try Medisafe Medication Reminder and Pill Organizer/Free.

Help with reading, hearing and learning

1.  Dragon Dictation/Free: This app lets your parent dictate text and then send it as an email message. They can also dictate reminders to themselves and post on Facebook and Twitter

2.   EyeReader/£1.99:For Apple users, Eye Reader helps you read the small print, buy illuminating the text with the phone’s LED light. You can also magnify the text by moving your fingers on the screen. For Android, try Magnifier.

3.   Read2Go, £10.99: This is an e-book reader which allows people to browse, search and download books and provides a choice of font size and settings. Recommended by the RNIB Using a Kindle reader also works well for older people, as you can load the device with millions of titles, as well as change font size, background colours and brightness for easier reading.Kindle will even read the book to you, if you prefer.

4.   VizWiz/Free: This app helps partially sighted users to take photos with their phone, ask questions and get spoken answers.

5.   Luminosity/Free:A brain-training app, which challenges five core cognitive abilities. Supposed to be far more effective than crosswords and Sudoku.

6.   Duolingo/Free: If you want to learn another language, the Duolingo app is a highly effective way to learn in small chunks to keep it manageable.

Help with shopping

1. Vouchercloud/Free: This app offers discount vouchers for local restaurants, cinemas and other high street shops offering discount.

2. Idealo/FREE: This great app lets you scan the barcode on a product and search for the cheapest place to buy it.

3. WHICH? Which? offers advice on consumer rights, from returning items to how to complain about faulty goods.


These apps help older people to combat isolation and loneliness and allow families to keep in touch with each other. 

1. Skype/Free: This app is just fantastic to allow older people to keep in touch with family and friends. Just push a button and call with video as well, so you can hold a face-to-face conversation

2.  WHATSAPP/Free: Whatsapp enables you to instant messages and photographs friends and family over WiFi/mobile data free. All contacts from your phone are automatically downloaded when you set up the app. You can make free calls too.

3.  Twitter/Free: This is quick and easy to use and a great way to tell people what you are upto at any given moment.

4.  Facebook/Fre: Just like Twitter,this app is great for sharing news and photos of what the family is doing.

News, Sport and Weather

All the major news channels have great apps featuring news, sport and weather, such as BBC, Sky and ITV.


1.   IMutt/Free: Animals are proven to be great companions for older people, but not every older person is able to have a pet.This game from The Dogs Trust allows users to feed, play with and walk with a pretend dog, without the need to walk in bad weather.

2.   Angry Birds/Free:  A great game, sohelp the angry birds atke out their ire on the greedy pigs.

3.   Scrabble/Free: The Scrabble app has its own with multi-player capability and is great for playing family and friends at a distance

4.   BBC iPlayer/Free: iPlayer allows your parent to watch TV programmes they may have missed and watch them whenever they want to. An amazing app


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