Best Hobbies and Activities for Older People

Whether you are reviewing and setting your annual sales and marketing plan, or if you.

Whether you are reviewing and setting your annual sales and marketing plan, or if you.

Whether you are reviewing and setting your annual sales and marketing plan, or if you.

Best Hobbies and Activities for Older People

Monday, April 1, 2019

Online jigsaw puzzles

Traditional jigsaws are one way of keeping amused, but access to on-line jigsaws means you can do a different jigsaw every day. It’s a great way to spend a few hours and keeps the brain agile.


You can learn art at home, or in a local class. You can try your hand at painting, drawing, sculpture, or pottery. It does not matter how skilled you are, as there are opportunities for all levels. The creative process is very absorbing and rewarding and it is a great way to meet new people. There are also art books to help you get started. 

Art Appreciation

Visiting galleries can be very interesting and a great way to experience culture from the past and present. There are classes running organised trips to galleries with like-minded people to enjoy the art together, or  you can just visit when and where you fancy.


You can simply put a bird feeder into your garden and watch the birds feed,, or be more adventurous and get out and about with bird watching clubs. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has all the information you need to get started.


Bowls truly is a sport for all,for regardless of age, sex or physical ability. It takes seconds to learn.There are over 2,500 clubs across the UK anditis a relatively cheap game compared to other sports, whether you choose to join a club or ‘pay and play’at your local park.


Collecting is very absorbing if there is something in which you are particularly interested ,or you have a couple of things you have already collected and want to acquire more. Mooching round antique shops, going to auctions, or searching online can be very rewarding.


If you likes the look of new technology,but has never learnt how to use it, the internet is very easy once someone has shown you how. It opens up a whole new world of information and communication and enables you to keep in touch easily with children and grandchildren via email. Local councils run education programmes, often free of charge.


Whether you are a good cook already, oris new to cooking, there are cookery schools all over the country, which can introduce them to new recipes and new ways to cook. You can specialise specific cuisines, baking or anything you like to eat and serve,


Dance is a great social experience and it keeps you fit and well. There are clubs specialising in all types of dance throughout the UK.


Every town has a local cinema and new films are out all the time. If you can sneak out during the day, you can see a film when it’s quieter and sometimes tickets are cheaper.

Flower Arranging

Courses exist throughout the UK and can be very rewarding and social.You can then can put your newly acquired skills to good use at home. There are several good books which teach the basics of flower-arranging.


This is a great hobby for getting into the fresh air and is marvellous exercise.You can grow your own flowers and vegetables, or create rock gardens and other features. If you do not have access to a garden, you can also apply to the local council for an allotment to tend.


Golf is great exercise and provides plenty of fresh air. You can play golf alone, or with friends, at a club, or at the driving range for half an hour.

Greetings Cards

This has become an increasingly popular hobby, as it’s very easy to start and cards can be as simple or complicated as skills allow. Best of all,it’s a lovely way to send good wishes to family and friends.Easy card-making kits can be bought from stationers to get started.

Learning Something New

There are millions of day, or evening classes all across the UK covering every topic imaginable, from languages to arts and crafts to technology. Or try the courses available at the Open University or at The University of the Third Age (U3A).


If you love music, there are concerts all over the UK, whether you are into pop, jazz, soul, funk, or classical. Or why not take lessons and learn an instrument? There are teachers in every town.


Pets are great companions and stress-relievers. A dog will get you out of the house regularly and a cat will keep you company at home. If both of those sound like too much hard work, they could consider a home aquarium. Many garden centres and pet shops sell fish.


Pilates helps you to maintain core strength and flexibility and is very good for relieving back pain.


If you enjoy singing, why not take lessons or join a choir.There are hundreds of local choirs across the country. It’s fun and very sociable.

Ten Pin Bowling

There are bowling alleys all across the UK and you can use the safety rails until you have mastered the technique. It's great fun whatever your age.


There are many organised tours available for older people to travel to all regions of the world. You can meet new friends and enjoy great new experiences without doing it alone.


Yoga is great for maintaining suppleness and flexibility,whilst helping relieve bad backs and other postural problems. Yoga can help older people feel fitter and healthier.

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